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What's this?

The eriswiki is intended to provide reasonably complete user & operator documentation for the cobaltirc family, a loose affiliation of networked servers. Additionally, software projects hosted on have project pages here.

Perhaps you're looking to get started on IRC?

…maybe you're already on IRC and you'd like to know how to register nicknames and channels?

…or maybe you're confused and want to know just what this IRC thing is about?


Oct 15 2015: The '' domain is no longer valid; please use ''

Mar 13 2014: We have added a new European server: (located in Amsterdam).

Feb 15 2014: The server will be shutting down this week.
If you are using explicitly, try or choose another server.

Jan 11 2012: A guide to using SSL with mIRC is now available.

Nov 04 2011: We now have a complete guide to using the new ChanServ/NickServ services set.

About cobaltirc

cobaltirc is a loose affiliation of linked IRC servers, commonly referred to as a “network.”
Our focus is providing our users with simple, reliable, secure chat services for their projects and Web communities.

We are directly descendant from the previous IRC projects CNCNET and icerealm, applying over 16 years of IRC experience.

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